Suunto EON Steel

Suunto EON Steel


  • £979.00

The Suunto EON Steel will grow with you as your diving and skills evolve, thanks to the way you can customize it to your needs. With Suunto CustomDisplay, you can tailor your Suunto EON Steel so that it shows exactly what you want.

The product comes with the choice of a strap or bungee attachment so it can be physically customized as well.


The possibility to adjust multiple screens gives you plenty of options to meet your needs. Whether you prefer having the most vital information on one display or having additional information or functions on several displays you can easily browse through underwater.

You can wear your Suunto EON Steel either with an elastomer strap or bungee. You can also use the rubber boot for added protection. Customize Suunto EON Steel for different dives to match your needs. Everything is included in the package!


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