Stahlsac Storm 30ltr Dry Bag


  • £36.00

Wet gear can turn a trip on its head, quickly. The Stahlsac drybags are your first defense against water, debris and other unwanted additions. They are offered in a variety of sizes that should match every need. Just stash your clothing or essentials inside this rugged drybag, roll the top and clip it shut, and be on your way.

nylon shell material is pliable, highly resistant to abrasion and puncture, and features a urethane coating so this bag is waterproof inside and out
RF-welded construction offers superior waterproof protection compared to taped and sewn seams

Roll top, clip buckle fastening for a watertight seal

Semi-opaque ripstop panel for easy location of contents with a round bottom

Handy detachable shoulder strap with heavy-duty attachment clips at the top and bottom of bag

Other Sizes Available - 12L, 30L or 60L

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