Scubapro Pro Ear 2000

Scubapro Pro Ear 2000


  • £112.00

Special developed mask for dry ears - A must for divers with ear problems
The first and only system that effectively allows the diver to dive while keeping the ears dry; protecting them from dirt, being permanently damp and from painful infections.
Many enthusiastic divers, novices or experts, have experienced how painful and frustrating ear problems can be. Cancelled dives and unhappy dive holidays are often the direct result of these problems.
The PRO EAR stops these problems and also prevents «divers ear» and other potential permanent injuries. Also hearing underwater and the sense for direction of sound are improved.
The PRO EAR is made of a high quality silicon with two silicon ear covers and a double skirt edge. Equalization is made possible by two corrugated tubes, which connect the ear covers to the mask. 
The optional hood Pro Ear Seal completes the Pro Ear system for cold water diving

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