Log-it Log Book

Log-it Log Book

Hinchcliffe Books

  • £16.00

Divers logbook, stitched and glued for resilience and with a tough flexible cover, set out in a clear and logical format.

Use this logbook and there is no return to its lesser rivals.

LOG-it has been our best selling diving logbook for many years and in that time it has been developed into a highly effective product . It offers all that the diver might need to succinctly and completely record each dive. As well as the facility to record standard information about your dive it has plenty of space to write your own personalised notes. A matrix is provided to record the dive profile or illustrate position fixes The logbook is resilient, flexible, attractive and easy to handle - an important consideration for anyone who intends to keep their logbook to hand on location. Record 80 dives in this durable book which will look good throughout.

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