Diamond Sidemount Pocket

Diamond Sidemount Pocket


  • £85.00

DIAMOND Sidemount System Pocket Useful piece of equipment for sidemount divers which will stock all diving necessities, equipped with 2 inner pockets for additional weights, 1 large inner pocket for wetnotes or tables, 1 outer mesh pocket and 2 bungee loops for whatever a diver might need to attach,

There also is a velcro strip around the whole outside circumference, so when the pocket is not fully used it can be closed and therefore is not unnecessarily bulky.

Dimensions are 27x17x9 cm (10,6 x 6,7 x 3,5 inches).

Complete set contains of - pocket with Ri-Ri zipper - 2x large double-ender - 2x ladder with eye

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