AP Diving T-Piece Mesh Caps

AP Diving T-Piece Mesh Caps

AP Diving

  • £36.00

 **This product will only be sold upon proof you hold the correct training**

The Inhale and Exhale T-Piece Mesh Caps are threaded caps with 316 stainless steel mesh filters that allow the counterlungs to breathe when drying the unit after cleaning while keeping insects from entering the loop.

The RB15A exhale cap has a fine thread that is suitable for either side of the right shoulder T-Piece.

The RB15B inhale cap has a coarse thread that is suitable for either side of the left shoulder T-Piece.

Note: The RB15AB "T-piece Mesh Caps - Pair" as described above = 1 x RB15A and 1 x RB15B.

If you prefer to remove the hose & mouthpiece assembly when washing and drying and so want to fit caps to both sides of each T-piece, you will need 2 x RB15As (fine) and 2 x RB15Bs (coarse) and therefore will need to select 2 x (RB15AB) pairs when ordering.

Note: The RB15B inhale cap is also suitable for the scrubber outlet and pre-2003 Inspiration left shoulder T-pieces and ADVs



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