AP Diving Co2 Sensor

AP Diving

  • £749.00

 **This product will only be sold upon proof you hold the correct training**

The AP Diving CO2 Sensor (RB120) is an ‘active warning device’ designed to alert the diver when the CO2 content of the breathing loop is approaching a dangerous level. This could be due to depletion of the CO2 absorbent canister or incorrect assembly resulting in CO2 bypass of the canister.

The Sensor has been specially developed for use with AP Diving’s range of rebreathers equipped with Vision electronics and is intended as an option that can be used with or without the AP Scrubber Life Monitor (Tempstick).

Providing the Vision electronics are programmed with the latest release of embedded software you simply plug the CO2 sensor into the lid connection.

Utilising the QinetiQ patented sensor and AP’s algorithms which compensate for depth and gas densities combined with AP’s manufacturing knowhow has resulted in the production of an accurate, water and water vapour proof product.

The AP CO2 sensor represents a huge jump in underwater CO2 measurement.


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