4Ltr 300 bar Cylinder

4Ltr 300 bar Cylinder


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Featuring the innovative new 'Jubilee Range' 300 bar cylinder valve, the Midland Diving Airgun Charging Cylinder range provides everything you need to power your precharged air weapon.

Available in 3, 4, 7 or 12L, all cylinders are supplied with a 5-year test from date of manufacture.

The 5-Year Test Explained

According to British Standards, diving cylinders require testing every 2.5 years from date of manufacture, and surface-use cylinders (such as Airgun Charging Cylinders) once every 5 years. There are exceptions.

The simplest method to determine a cylinders use is to examine the valve fitted. If the valve has surface-use features like our Jubilee Gun Valve with bleed and dry gauge, you're awarded a 5-year test. However, if the valve can be used for diving - irrespective of whether you dive or not - the test station will treat this as a diving cylinder and award a 2.5 year test.

Any cylinder purchased in STORE will be fillled FOC. 

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