12Ltr 300 bar Cylinder

12Ltr 300 bar Cylinder


  • £320.00
  • Save £35.00

Featuring our innovative new 'Jubilee Range' 300 bar cylinder valve, the Midland Diving Airgun Charging Cylinder range provides everything you need to power your precharged air weapon. .

Available in 3, 4, 7 or 12L, all cylinders are supplied with a 5-year test from date of manufacture.

The 5-Year Test Explained

According to British Standards, diving cylinders require testing every 2.5 years from date of manufacture, and surface-use cylinders (such as Airgun Charging Cylinders) once every 5 years. There are exceptions.

The simplest method to determine a cylinders use is to examine the valve fitted. If the valve has surface-use features like our Jubilee Gun Valve with bleed and dry gauge, you're awarded a 5-year test. However, if the valve can be used for diving - irrespective of whether you dive or not - the test station will treat this as a diving cylinder and award a 2.5 year test.

Any cylinder purchased in STORE will be fillled FOC. 

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